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Aviator Ottoman


The Aviator ottoman will complement the design of our aviator chair perfectly. Continuing the aerodynamic design and lines of the aviator maverick chair this combination is masterpiece in the interior in your home or office.


This Aviator Ottoman (Aviator pouf) is made from quality leather and available in all the same custom-made options as the Aviator Tomcat lounge chair. The Aviator chair and Ottoman fit together perfectly, that is why we have made a set price as well.

An awesome high quality Aviator leather Ottoman or complete lounge set. Your Aviator chair and Aviator Ottoman are customizable to your interior. You pick the leather color you like. We can make the aluminium in brass and copper or in gold. The finish comes in gloss or semi gloss with nails or screws. Standard this sexy Aviator chair and pouf comes in brown high quality leather and aluminium semi gloss with steel a screw finish.

The Aviator chair is available as a 2 or 3 seater as well.

Your Aviator furniture design is not just any piece of furniture. These pieces are the eyecatchers in your home or office. Your Aviator furniture piece has to suit your style and space. With the right colors, dimensions and finishes it will be a perfect fit.

At Boola Boola we can make your Aviators custom made to your home or office space. Let us know what custom finishes you would like for your Aviator furniture piece. On our Instagram or Facebook account you will find some inspiration.

Shipping and delivery

We can ship your new aviators & industrials worldwide! We are a company based in The Netherlands and we offer free shipping and delivery in the Netherlands.

In Europe we can ship fast and everywhere, working with our freight forwarding partners and will calculate the best and sharpest offer for you. Our partners will deliver to your doorstep.

Outside of Europe we can deliver to any region or country. Depending on your order, we will send it from our warehouse or directly ship your furniture from the factory to your home or office.  Our ability to ship directly from the factory means faster and cheaper transportation for you.


Would you like to know more about our unique custom made options or are you looking for a specific quote including delivery tot your home?

Call or whatsapp Thomas: +31 646074220 or send us an e-mail.



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